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Christopher Morris, Owner of Refuge Live, LLC / Close Up 2, LLC, Engineering Technology Consultant, and Archdiocese of Chicago Musician, is a leader and advocate of creativity and innovation. His passion for providing creative outlets has afforded him the opportunity to employ and manage 20+ workers in Hospitality and Engineering. 


Chris began his creative journey as an organist for Baptist Churches throughout Chicago. After completing his B.A. in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Chicago, he started working as a CAD designer for a small Architectural firm. Within a year, the company went bankrupt. Forced back out into the land of unemployment, Chris started a design company called Design Elements, a firm dedicated to creating 3D designs for schools and restaurants. While growing the business, promoting local artist showcases simultaneously gave him the confidence to press forward to full time entrepreneurship. 


In 2015, Chris acquired a jazz club called Close Up 2, LLC, which now operates under the banner of Refuge Live, became a consultant for large data center, hospital, school, and industrial projects, and continues to play the organ for Baptist and Catholic Churches in Chicago.